I live in Warwickshire

The competition is open to residents in North Warwickshire Borough, Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough, Rugby Borough, Stratford-on-Avon District and Warwick District areas*.

* Households in areas without a food waste collection, including residents in Coventry City, are excluded from the competition.

To take part in the Feed Your Caddy competition, simply register online and keep recycling your food waste. To check how to use your food caddy appropriately, visit the Warwickshire County Council website

Why Recycle Food Waste?

The food we throw away can be used to make a nutrient rich compost for local farmland.  When food rots in landfill, it releases methane, a potent greenhouse gas responsible for warming our planet.  However, by putting food through a process called in-vessel composting, we can turn it into a soil improver to use on local farmers’ fields

In Warwickshire, all homes with a green garden and food waste collection can recycle all food waste at the kerbside using the green wheeled bin. Watch the following video to explore how your food is recycled.

Food waste can be contained in a compostable caddy liner or wrapped in newspaper, before placing in the green wheeled bin. Compostable caddy liners are made from cornstarch and should display the compostable logo.

Your food and garden waste is collected and taken to a special treatment plant called an in-vessell composter.  Once shredded it is composted at temperatures above 70°c to speed up the process and kill any harmful bacteria.  When finished it is screened and used on local farmland.

Recycling food waste in this way not only helps to protect our natural environment, it saves Warwickshire tax payers money.  If everyone in Warwickshire used their green wheeled for food waste, it would save lots of money.