Terms and Conditions

  • The Reward Scheme is restricted to those households where the council operates a food waste collection. Residents living in a residential area where it is not feasible to offer a full waste collection service that includes food waste (for example flats) are not eligible to take part in the scheme.
  • Households situated in towns and villages within the new West Northamptonshire Council area are eligible to take part in the scheme.
  • All winners will be promoted on social media. Only the first name and first initial of the surname plus the location will be used. For example Steve L from Towcester.
  • Households in the new North Northamptonshire Council area are not eligible to take part as the scheme is no longer running in this area.
  • Only adults aged 18 and over may register their household. One registration per household. Residents in multi-occupancy buildings, where several separate residences exist within one building, with the exception of boarders, lodgers and guests, may enter if using their own food waste caddy. Further information may be required by the project administrators.
  • Members of staff and Councillors at participating authorities may register their household and can take part unless they work for the waste management team or the collections crew. If in doubt please contact your manager.
  • All participating households must apply the I’m In sticker to the top of their large outside food bin to demonstrate that their household is taking part in the scheme. Households who have registered with the scheme organisers, either through this website or at a roadshow, and have received their registrations packs, will have a sticker. If you do not receive your registration pack contact please email the NWP
  • If you wish to take part in the reward scheme but do not have the necessary recycling receptacle, you may make a request for a replacement to be delivered. Orders for any recycling receptacles can be requested from West Northamptonshire Council.
  • There will be three winners in West Northamptonshire Council per month. All households who have registered with the scheme and who regularly present their food waste bin for collection, with an I’m In sticker clearly displayed, will have an equal chance of winning.
  • 3 participating households from each (old authority)area in West Northamptonshire will be randomly selected to be monitored to see if they are still recycling their food waste (and displaying their sticker). From those households monitored, who are recycling, a winner is randomly selected for a reward of their choice.
  • Winners will be contacted via email. Please ensure your registration details are correct. The scheme organisers may contact you by phone if email contact is unsuccessful. Your contact information will be held by the Council and will not be shared with third parties.
  • Winners may choose a reward from the list provided on www.feedyourcaddy.co.uk. Certain rewards may be limited in number and/or subject to change over the course of the campaign. Please note that some rewards may have age restrictions. Rewards cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Winners in West Northamptonshire may select any listed West Northamptonshire rewards (see left menu).
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