I live in West Northamptonshire

The Northamptonshire Waste Partnership launched the In to Win Reward Scheme in November 2015. During this time we have had 136 different winners, all choosing fabulous local prizes and now Northamptonshire recycles over 11,000 tonnes of food waste every year.

The scheme is open to residents in the new West Northamptonshire Council area. 

To take part in the In to Win reward scheme, simply register online and keep recycling your food waste. To check how to use your food caddy appropriately, visit the West Northamptonshire website.

Why Recycle Food Waste?

The food we throw away is full of energy that can be used to create power for local homes. When food rots in landfill, it releases methane, a potent greenhouse gas responsible for warming our planet. However, by putting food through a process called anaerobic digestion, we can capture this gas and use it to generate electricity. Using food in this way not only helps to protect our natural environment, it also provides an excellent source of renewable energy.

By using your food waste caddy, you are helping Northamptonshire recycle more food waste and reduce the cost of landfill. Recycling food waste costs around half the cost of sending it to landfill or other treatments and makes compost and green electricity.

Help West Northamptonshire council reduce the cost of disposing of our waste by recycling as much as you can.
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