Vehicle Check

For peace of mind of your cars safety in-between its annual MOT, why not take the option of a vehicle check. The prize will consist of a check, suitable as a pre-MOT check or as an additional mid-year safety check. The check takes about 30 minutes to complete and can be undertaken at workshops in either Warwick or Coleshill.

The vehicle check will include the following;

  • Check function of monitoring/warning lights,plus dashboard control’s switch’s, gauges & horn.
  • Check function of all exterior lights
  • Check all seats/mountings seatbelt operation & condition for security.
  • Check condition of internal & external mirrors & all glass.
  • Check operation & condition of windscreen wipers & washers.
  • Check wheels & hubs for wear & security – inc wheel bearings.
  • Check steering components for defects/leaks.
  • Check suspension for defects/ leaks & wear.
  • Check brakes condition including brake test (attach record).
  • Check condition of tyres & pressures are correct,record depth below table and advise at 2mm depth.
  • Wipe clean handbrake lever, steering wheel and door handles.

Important Information

  • Appointment required
  • Any faults that the inspection reveals would be the owners responsibility to attend
  • The workshop would not seek to dismantle any components to further investigate faults